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Founded in 1982 by Rockin Rob Wright a songwriter and guitarist. As musicians ourselves, we have found it costly and problematic to have a portal that brings both Audiences, Marketing professionals and Potential Customers to your band or artist merchandise. If you have experienced other 2nd or 3rd party sales destinations, your take home $$ are hardly worth the effort. This portal was built for expansion as our intent is to provide a place for Bands and Artist to sell their music without the many fee’s attached to your sales. We stride to provide visibility, ease of use and sales sent directly to you when viewers use our website. Think of a virtual sales office that sends you a message with all the information to ship your merchandise to your new customer. That’s what we do…

New Featured Artist:

 F A C E L E S S

The beginning of my journey. I will not stop doing what makes me who I am, and I hope to share this aspiration with others, whether it be vicariously in my tales or the path I continue to walk. . . . Listen to and buy their song “Let Go” HERE

Faceless – “Let Go”

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The Walk

The Walk from Rockin Rob Wright’s My Ritual Album

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